Nuclear Weapons by Country

In the first 45 years of the existence of nuclear weapons, approximately one new nuclear weapon state arose every five years. Even though the rate has since slowed down, nine nuclear weapon states remain, possessing a total of 14,485 weapons as of mid 2018.

Which countries possess nuclear weapons? Out of the countries that have nuclear weapons, which have the most? How do various nuclear arsenals compare to one another? Find the answers to these questions below.

This Country's Nuclear Arsenal...

makes up 0.103% of all nuclear weapons currently in the world.

has enough weapons to make a pile about 0.034 times as tall as the Empire State Building (New York City) if the weapons were stacked on top of one another.

The nuclear arsenal of



times bigger than the nuclear arsenal of


Nuclear weapon stockpile information collected from the Federation of American Scientists.

South Africa developed nuclear weapons in the 1980s and gave them up of their own accord in the early 1990s.

Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine all inherited nuclear weapons after the fall of the Soviet Union. At that time, Ukraine and Kazakhstan had the third and fourth largest arsenals in the world, respectively. All three countries gave up their weapons a few years after 1989.