Nuclear Diplomacy Simulation


All countries have eliminated their nuclear weapons arsenals.

You have accomplished something that today’s world leaders have yet to do! Perhaps they could learn something from you…

COUNTRY is attacked!

+2 points were added to the GPR(s) of COUNTRY for failing to comply with the requirements imposed by the sanction.

ERROR: A country cannot have less than 0 nuclear weapons. The following countries must submit a different number of weapons to add/subtract: COUNTRY.

The following countries have been sanctioned:  COUNTRIES. If a sanctioned country does not reduce its stockpile by the maximum possible number in the next round, +2 points will be added to its GPR.

Round 1:

Take 5-10 minutes as a group to figure out your strategy.

At the end of this time each country must decide whether to increase, decrease, or leave unchanged its number of nuclear weapons (the U.S. and Russia have the additional task of determining by how much) by submitting a slip with their decision to the instructor. After receiving all of the decisions, the instructor should enter each decision below.

NW Counts and Geopolitical Power Rankings have been updated.

Uh Oh! It looks like there might be a nuclear terrorist attack.

There are currently # nuclear weapons so the probability of a terrorist attack is #. Click here to learn how to manually determine which country (if any) will be attacked. Alternatively, click here to have the computer probabilistically determine it for you.

Select the attacked country below and click “Attack”. If there is no attack, select “No Attack”.

Geopolitical Power Rankings have been updated.

The following countries now have the opportunity to sanction up to two countries: . When a country is sanctioned, it must decrease its nuclear arsenal as much as possible in the next round or its GPR will increase by 2 points.

Geopolitical Power Rankings (GPR)

Rank Country GPR NW Count
1 U.S. 1 10
2 China 2 3
3 Russia 3 5
4 India 5 1
5 Pakistan 6 1


Activity Log

China India Pakistan Russia US
Weapons 3 1 1 5 10
GPR 2 5 6 3 1